Addis Ababa to Doha

Addis Ababa to Doha March 16, 2017 Qatar Airlines Seat 10D (although I tried to change that) Warning this post may come across as more of rant than an entry. As I lounge in this upscale mall otherwise known as the Doha Airport I ponder a question that keeps coming up on this African Adventure […]

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Abidjan to Addis Ababa

Is it just me or did my blog just get really exotic? Is it even PC to say “Exotic” when talking about African countries?

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Feb. 7th, 2017 Flight UA 1961 Seat 2E It’s only my third blog and I feel like I’ve told you everything already, well not really, but I do wonder if my readers (all three of you) will be annoyed when you realize that I only have four themes for this blog – SEX, ANIMAL, LOVE, […]

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Jan. 27th, 2017 Flight: UA 1696 Seat 3B Trump is in office and the guy who sits next to me (the last passenger to board) is clearly a Rancher. You should know I am not much of a talker on planes so I was thrilled when the seat next to me sat empty for the […]

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